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In the summer of 2010, I joined the Rocky Mountain Conservation Corps, a Government issued job by the state of Colorado and the state forestry department. After intensive training in chain saw safety and tree felling safety led by members of the Colorado State Forest Service, I obtained my Tree Felling Certification. Seven of us traveled around the Rocky’s with a government issued van, trailer, and stipends for food as we camped out in tents. That was the beginning of a life of running chainsaws and smelling like a mixture of pine trees and exhaust fumes.


As time continued, I began working with very renowned tree companies whose main job is to clear and maintain power lines running through Evergreen, Conifer, and Bailey, and as far north as Central City, and west of Boulder. This job required a lot of safety procedures as well as schooling in electricity, power lines, CPR and first aid.

As I grew in the industry, I started to acquire some of my own gear and tools, as well as the knowledge to complete jobs safely and efficiently. Friends and neighbors frequently requested my services.


Today, Nick Lewis Tree Services is next level with an up-to-date experience in the art and physics of tree removal and tree trimming services. I am a licensed arborist, fully insured with an amazing group of guys working closely and passionately together. I look forward to developing close and professional relationships, and exceeding the standards of all tree care needs for long-term safety and health to keep our communities thriving and green.

Nick Lewis Tree Services


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tree fertilization  If your tree seems less productive than usual -undersized leaves, pale colors, reduced growth - then your tree might be suffering from lack of nutrients. We can help restore your trees and shrubs back to health with expert fertilization.

tree fertilization Littleton Colorado

tree trimming Colorado's extreme climate variation and excessive weather makes tree pruning/trimming a desirable or necessary action to maintain safety, improve tree structure and health, and makes trees aesthetically pleasing. Our company offers an understanding in the biology and basic requirements of trees to undertake pruning that will optimize tree health and structure.

• Reducing potential for tree or branch failure 

• Providing clearance

• Reducing shade and wind resistance

• Maintaining health and improving aesthetics

• Influencing flower or fruit production 

• Improving a view


tree trimming service Littleton Colorado


tree removal Whenever terms of tree removal are in play, our team of specialists in technical and hazardous removals is the safest way to go, we can walk you through the process of how we get your tree down safely and efficiently with low impact to your yard. You are guaranteed the most competitive pricing and professional services.

Littleton Colorado tree removal
Littleton Colorado stump removal service


STUMP GRINDING & REMOVAL Do you have one or more unsightly stumps on your property? Whether they were left by a previous owner or you never got around to finishing a  project, the stumps are there now, taking up valuable yard space. We can grind your stump into nothing and have your land cleared in no time.

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"Professional, and does superior work! Nick is also a great guy,

that you will love working with!" 

- Meredith L., Littleton 

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